About The Jerk

Bikes are in my blood. I’ve been on and around them for a long as I can remember. My Grand dad rode from when he was a young lad, as did my dad and me too. If you have a bike you know what it means to ride. I love everything about them. Even when they break down, I still love the journey of discovery and problem solving involved.

I wanted a bike that represented the way I feel about bikes and riding but didn’t have deep enough pockets to pay for one, so I built my own. I didn’t know or dream that years later I would be building bikes. Its humbling to have the general public say they love my bikes.

It’s hard to write about yourself without sounding like a big headed narcissist. I’m not the “best” at anything because there is always someone better than you, that’s what drives me and makes me get better.

I’m a surfer, musician, bike rider and sometimes a big jerk.